Jungle Funk

Jungle Funk

Artist: Jungle Funk

Drums and Bass: Funk R&B

JUNGLE FUNK IS :  A super group, armed with ridiculous virtuosity and history.  A reunion of three music industry pioneers in pop, rock, funk, jazz and world music. The band, as well as each member, is respected worldwide for their exquisite and innovative sound. They are 3 hip ole black men merging old school songwriting with current DJ influenced grooves . These guys are as different to each other as a cat, a dog and a bird.  Together they are magic, they are JUNGLE FUNK.

The Jazz Cat – Will Calhoun…    the “Living Color” jazz & rock drummer’s rhythms hop into your lap,  curl up and purr, but he can hit like a predator…an African big cat stalking, then feasting, on the Serengeti . He’ll bring you to your feet with a ROAR!
the Funk Dog – Doug Wimbish….  man’s best friend unless you’re trespassing on the groove. He might even drool a bit as he  guards the funk, like he did on Sugarhill Records with his innovative lines and bass effects mastery. He licks like a pack of wild dogs!
the Song Bird – Vinx De’Jon Parrette… his internationally acclaimed voice flies high with an eagle eye.  This raptor weaves in and out of the jungle below.  Known for great American crooner inspired melodies and soaring  vocals, his electronic vocal and percussive wizardry will swoop down and carry you away. KA KAW!

Will Calhoun, famous for his work with the groundbreaking hard rock groupLiving Colour, including two Grammys, has performed with diverse artists including Mick Jagger, Mos Def, Oumou Sangare, Marcus Miller, and Wayne Shorter. Will’s most recent project, the jazz CD “Life in This World,” featuring Ron Carter, Donald Harrison, Wallace Roney, Marc Cary, and Charnett Moffett, has received considerable critical acclaim.

Doug Wimbish is a bass player, primarily known for his studio work for the rap/hip hop label Sugarhill Records and his membership of the rock band Living Colour. He has played for a vast range of artists, including Jeff Beck, Mick Jagger, Madonna, George Clinton, Mark Stewart, Paula Cole, Bomb the Bass, Depeche Mode, Joe Satriani, Mos Def and Tarja Turunen. Wimbish is considered to be a pioneer in hip hop bass playing and in the use of bass effects, alternate tunings and extended hand techniques.

International recording artist and Berklee College of Music educator, Vinx is as close as you’ll find to a 21st century Renaissance Man.  Known to music fans as a percussionist and vocalist, he has been compared to the likes of crooners Nat “King” Cole and Harry Belafonte and Sam Cooke.  Vinx has worked on tour and in the studio with some of the biggest names in music today: Sting, Stevie Wonder, Cassandra Wilson, Darius Rucker, Vance Gilbert, Herbie Hancock and Taj Mahal among others.

Jungle Funk Reviews

Carving, or sometimes juggling a niche for themselves, Jungle Funk aims to be a power trio that bridges the various gaps between R&B, funk, drum’n’bass, soul-rock — all things new and groovy. The results are surprisingly gratifying. The solid one-two-punch of Will Calhoun and Doug Wimbish gives vocalist/percussionist Vinx a lot to work with. Wimbish delivers a clean sound that doubtless came from hours of polishing.
(Glenn Swann, allmusic.com)

Jungle Funk is a trio composed of drummer Will Calhoun and bassist Doug Wimbish, both formerly of Living Colour, and Vinx, a backup percussionist for the likes of Sting and Peter Gabriel and a solo vocalist in his own right.  The band’s press material asks, “How can three guys make that much sound?” Indeed, this is a technological powerhouse. Jungle Funk relies heavily on technology, but they use it in subtle and musical ways. It’s an interesting gambit: a funk/drum ’n bass/”DJ-inspired” project that is actually a band, rather than an anonymous, austere presence behind turntables and tape loops. One wonders whether “DJ-inspired” music can be successfully melded to a more traditional live band concept. There’s only one way to find out: go see them live.
(David Adler, allaboutjazz.com)