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Lisett Morales

Artist: Lisett Morales


Lisett Morales was born and raised in Havana, Cuba. Her strong and unique tone of voice instantly made her a distinguishable Artist at a very young age, for which her Father, Severino Morales, realized she was going to be a talented and successful singer. It was not until 1998 when Lisett arrived to Miami, that her Father’s dreams came true. She believes her voice talented is something she got from her mother Nilda Robaina, a geography teacher who used to sing at home all the time so beautiful.

She started her artist career in Miami singing traditional Cuban music (Son, Guaracha, Chachacha, Bolero Son) with the Septeto Ahi Na’ Ma’ and had the opportunity to sing and record two albums with them. In 2002 they released the album “Ahi Na’ Ma’ La Mulata del Sabor” and in 2004 the album “Ahi Na’ Ma Con La Piña Pela” name of one of their hit songs A Maria le Gusta La Piña Pela’. This music group was an excellent beginning for her music career thanks to the great acceptation and support they had from their fans. One of the biggest events where they had the honor to play was in 2004 for the President of USA George W. Bush at The Miami Arena.

Lisett Morales makes her Off-Broadway debut as an Actress with Celia (The Life and Music of Celia Cruz). This honorable role landed her as the lead singer of the “Celia Cruz All Stars”, an Omer Pardillo’s project from 2009 where she was the lead singer for 3 years and participated in important events as “Amigos for Kids 2009” (Miami), La Cuba Fest 2011 (Los Angeles), La Cumbre Tajin 2012 (Mexico) and too many others.

After to many presentations on radio, TV programs and important events around the world, Lisett Morales is coming back with her most recent album “Lisett Morales La Mulata del Sabor”, produced by el Maestro Isidro Infante and the Grammy winner Marlow Rosado. This album has been her passport to the world. Peru, Colombia, Panama, Ecuador, Canada are few of the countries where the radio station’s DJ promotes her music. Lisett is also an excellent song writer and she only hasn’t written songs for herself but for different artist as Luis “Papo” Marquez, Sean Riva, Kevin Riva, Isidro Infante, La Kara’Bana & Juicy Juice. She is known also as “La Mulata del Sabor” and has been in stage with famous artists as Jose Alberto el Canario, Oscar de Leon, La India, Albita, Tito Puente Jr., Isaac Delgado, Marlow Rosado, Willy Chirino, Rey Ruiz, Hansel y Raul, Isidro Infante y la Elite, Domingo Quiñones and La Karabana.

*In 2012 Lisett Morales was invited to Martinique to work with Domingo Quiñones in a Salsa project : “Tributo a la Reina de la Salsa y al Cantante de los Cantantes” produced by El Maestro Isidro Infante.

*In 2013 the Orquesta Kara’Bana invited her to recorded their new album “Salsa Na’Ma” recording five songs, two of her own authority: “Me Gustas” and “Ponlo en Venta”. This CD is coming out on July 2014 by Select O Hits.

*In May 2014 Lisett was invited to participated in “The Afro International Festival of Panama 2014”, “The African Fashion Show of Panama 2014“ and the TV Show “Tu Mañana”. She was represented by Melida Harris President of Nic-Eth Productions

*This 2014 Lisett Morales has been selected to be part of Larry Harlow’s Salsa Opera “HOMMY”. This event will return after 40 years on July 23, 2014 at The Lincoln Center of New York City. Lisett will be singing “Gracia Divina”, a song who recorded and sang Celia Cruz for this Salsa Opera 40 years ago.

Lisett Morales is a unique “Mulata Cubana,” pretty, sexy, and with a spicy flavor. Her deep and potent voice makes her a distinguishable and authentic Artist true to her sound.