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Mino Cinelu’s World Jazz Ensemble

Artist: Mino Cinelu’s World Jazz Ensemble

World-renowned Musician Mino Cinelu has assembled a new quartet, the exciting World Jazz Ensemble, which enhances Cinelu’s virtuosic percussion with a synthesis of bass and tuba.

The quartet, comprising Mino Cinelu,
keyboardist Jamshied Sharifi, bassist Tony Grey, and Ben Stapp on tuba, offers a unique repertoire of instrumental, percussion and vocal works, a mélange that bridges World and Jazz orchestrations.

Mino Cinelu: As a teenager, Cinelu toured and recorded with musical giants Miles Davis, Weather Report, Herbie Hancock,Stevie Wonder, Lou Reed, to just name a few.Cinelu’s multi-instrument collaborations and
facility with wide range of styles established him as a formidable talent. Today, he is a renowned composer, producer and band leader. The World Jazz Ensemble showcases his maturity as a musician and his boundless passion for new sounds.

The World Jazz Ensemble

Jamshied Sharifi has recorded numerous solo and collaborative albums. He is also a well acclaimed composer for many Hollywood film soundtracks. Trained as a classical pianist, Sharifi was tapped
to lead the MIT Festival Jazz Ensemble. Sharifi plays keyboards, flute, percussion and guitar for the Jazz World Ensemble.

Tony Grey needs no introduction in the world of bass players.
He is regularly sought out for recordings and live performances by musicians like Herbie Hancock, Wayne Shorter, Hiromi, and
Branford Marsalis. Like all members of the World Jazz Ensemble, Grey is a versatile multi-instrumentalist.

Ben Stapp, a classically trained orchestra player, has been
exploring worldwide the newest sounds around artists from a wide range of genres: The International Contemporary Ensemble (ICE), Tilt, Tony Malaby, Stephen Haynes, William Parker, Satoshi Takeishi, Herb Robertson, Warren Smith, among many others.

“With Mino, any music swings”
Miles Davis-

“Mino can make anybody dance”

“In many ways, he may be the best
percussionist we’ve had so far”
Joe Zawinul (Weather Report)-

“The best percussionist in the world”
Canal+, Null Part Ailleurs-

“Cinelu’s soundscape encompasses the world’s music , filtered through the sophistication of New York. World music at its very best.”
Jazz Express-

“Cinelu’s whirling beats and butt-kickin’ bass line …Nice guitar touches by Cinelu…”Moon Dance” is a percussion showcase for Cinelu, an aural delight of metal, wood and skin meeting flesh and (a little) electricity.”
Down Beat-

“His masterful technique is used to emphasize
the  melody, mood and atmosphere of each