First off, this album is well recorded…you can almost hear the oxygen in the studio! Musically it offers drummer extaordinaire Berroa (hey, Dizzy Gillespie didn’t pick any slouches for sidemen!) a variety of settings and tempos for him and his sidemen (including well-seasoned tenorman David Sanchez and piano terror Gonzalo Rubalcaba)to take full advantage of while weaving magical musical tapestries. The original tunes, including one by Mr. Berroa himself, are strong melodically and grow on the listener with each repeated listening. Rhythmically (this is the DRUMMERS album!) they run the gamut from wistful and airy ballads, complex and twisting odd meter excursions, to driving Afro Cuban romps that will make you want to get up and shake something. And last but not least, Berroa and company give new and wonderful treatment to a couple of jazz classics, Gillespies “Woody N’ You”, and Wayne Shorter’s “Pinnochio”.